Step into the city

An integration project dedicated to migrant women to enhance not only linguistic and relational field, but also social, civil and national competences. Partners of the project: Associazione seed and Associazione mc-mc. Context Read More »

A voice to our tradition – Morocco

During the last years the local association AMPFR created in Morocco three professional learning centers for women, where an handkraft formation is offered; Fondazione nWnL helped in several phases of those realizations. Read More »

DU4K Tableting Together – India

The aim of Digital Unify for Kids (DU4K) Tableting Together is to facilitate disadvantaged children’s membership into the information society through familiarization with ICTs, leveraging project-based learning and edutainment software. Read More »

Be social, be an entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurship tools to serve social goals and build a better world. The Social Enterprising Europe Programme (SEE Programme) project is come to its end. In two years, partners with Belgium, Italy, Spain, Read More »

Visit @ St. Matthew’s Clinic

Matteo and Luca was in Sunyani this summer also to check the Internet Consultation and Evaluation (ICE) program. They so spended some time at the St. Matthew’s Clinic to speak with the sisters Read More »


Seed is a non-profit enterprise, with expertise in education, technologies, and international development.


Seed is engaged in development and social projects, locally and internationally, and provides services to non profit organizations.

Non-profit enterprise!

Seed reinvests profits for human capital development in developing countries in the area of communication and education technologies.

Projects & Mandates

The title of the website literally means “Talk of Suri” – or Tales about Suri. Suri is a village in Dolakha District in the middle

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Internet Consultation and Evaluation (ICE) in Ghana

The idea of ICE is very simple: leveraging on available Internet technologies in order to empower healthcare staff in remote locations. In many regions in

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ISFI, the Institute for Philosophical Studies (former Institute for Applied Philosophy – IsFA) is an Institute of the Department of Theology in Lugano (FTL), which

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NGOs Websites

Using Internet, NGOs could obtain a lot of visibility. It helps to introduce themselves: their projects, activities, news. Most of NGOs are formed by volunteers, usually

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Alla conquista della lingua italiana

Leggi l’articolo:

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Un’uscita all’insegna del cioccolato

    Ecco il resoconto della dolcissima mattinata: Un’uscita all’insegna del cioccolato

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Visita in municipio

Questa settimana abbiamo fatto la prima uscita del progetto “Un passo verso la città”: siamo state accolte con le partecipanti e le volontarie dal Municipio di Lugano per un incontro con il sindaco! Le donne non hanno perso l’occasione di mettere in pratica le loro nozioni di italiano per confrontarsi direttamente con lui! Trovate le

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Primo incontro del progetto “Fuori dai banchi”

Primo incontro del progetto volontari, finanziato da Contakt-Citoyenneté, tra volontarie locali e donne immigrate. L’obiettivo è quello di aiutare le donne immigrate a sentirsi a “casa propria” in un paese straniero, dove è fondamentale, e non ovvio, instaurare dei rapporti duraturi. Di seguito qualche scatto.        

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