Storytelling and disability: New Growth Opportunities for the children of the Istituto Sant’Angelo in Loverciano [closed]

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Is there a way to improve reading, writing, drawing capabilities and also technological skills, but especially self-confidence and way of expressing using creativity and having fun in a multidisciplinary and collaborative work? Outcomes of the project New Growth Opportunities for the children of the Istituto Sant’Angelo in Loverciano say yes!

The project, coordinated by seed, involved 10 special education teachers and about 40 children with special needs between 5 and 16 of the Istituto Sant’Angelo in Loverciano, a special school near Mendrisio, Ticino. The school hosts, permanently or daily, children with different kind of disabilities who study and learn in the structure

Project Lifetime
October 2008 – June 2009

: enhancing the expressive, relational and learning capacities, as well as increasing the self-esteem of the children who take part to the activities
:: developing the informatics competences of the participants (children, teen-agers, and also teachers)
:: learning to work in team on a project

The project originated from the willing to test whether new technologies can be helpful in developing the potential of children with cognitive difficulties and physical disabilities. Such potential cannot be fully enhanced by means of traditional methods. The project was based on considerations about the importance of storytelling, imagination, expression and communication as stimuli for personal development. Technologies become another learning tool, an approach that in many cases facilitates some expressive processes and offers other stimuli to the children.  The project was divided into four main implementation stages: training the teachers of the institute and planning together; first activities linked to the stories: listening and playing; second activity about the stories: writing and producing; evaluating results and future perspectives.

:: a DVD with over 20 minutes of animated digital stories was presented to the people participating final school year event
:: a live performance explaining the project during the final school year event
:: the soundtrack, recorded in a professional studio, was also released as a CD.
But such outputs are only a signal of the much deeper learning outcomes of the project, involving individualized learning paths and goals for each participants.

Istituto Sant’Angelo di Loverciano

This project was funded with a grant from Fondazione Margherita in Lugano.

26.400 CHF, of which 11.800 CHF covered by Associazione seed and Istituto Sant’Angelo di Loverciano and 14.600 CH funded by Fondazione Margherita.

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