4 digital stories in 4 days: that’s only the beginning!

The workshop is over, and Matteo and Isabella are very satisfied about the results. Not only in terms of the stories produced by the educators of the centre and by the 10 children involved in this pilot; but, above all, by the interactive and sharing atmosphere of the week, that enable everyone to gain the best out of it.

This is only the first step, now the ANSMH centre in Samambaia will twin with the Orsoline Primary School in Como, Italy to create together a intercontinental story! Stay tuned, to know about the development of this new adventure, and in the meanwhile enjoy the Samambaia stories:

Two digital stories by ANSMH educators:

A gatinha Luisa

A gatinha teimosa

Two digital stories by ANSMH children:
Amigos para Sempre

As Verdadeiras Amigas