A computer lab in Brasilia, Brazil

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LabBrasiliaProviding disadvantaged children and young people with access to technology can be an effective key for development. Working with a local education center in Brasilia, Brazil, seed engaged in setting up a multimedia computer lab and in training teachers and educators for achieving a purposeful integration of ICT in their practice.

The Education and Training Centre (CEFE) Brasilia is a not for profit association, whose activities aim at implementing programmes for social, cultural, and educational development. The main objective is providing support to young people attending high school in difficult socio-economic situations, through courses, making their access to university easier […]. The structure is located in a suburb of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, and serves youths from other different cities as Candangolandia, Samambaia, Riacho Fundo, Cruzeiro, Ceilandia, where disadvantaged families live.

Project Lifetime
During 2010

This project aimed at enhancing the educational offer of CEFE by (a) providing an ICT infrastructure, including an internet-connected computer lab with 10 computers, and (b) training 10 educators and teachers to implement purposeful integration of ICT in their practice.

The project included 4 main phases: designing the computer lab through a collaboration of the local technical staff and of seed staff; installing the computer lab; running a workshop in digital storytelling for 10 CEFE educators and teachers, including the implementation of a digital storytelling workshop with children; and supporting follow-up, in particular the implementation of a digital storytelling run by CEFE educators and teachers for Christmas.

The computer lab at CEFE is still running and used within CEFE’s educational activities. CEFE staff used digital storytelling on other activities, and collaboration with seed continued with new projects.

Centro Educativo y Formativo (CEFE) of Brasilia, Brazil.

This project was co-funded by the private company Viaggiare.it as part of their social responsibility actions, and by BravoFly.

14’000 CHF

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