A.L.I.C.E. – Adult Learning for Intergenerational Creative Experiences [closed]

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A.L.I.C.E. project aims to work with parents, grandparents, volunteers and other adults interested to interact with children through new spaces of edutainment, to train them to the importance of use of creative languages (art, storytelling, social media) to build rich and caring environments for children to grow up.

Our societies are now confronted with an increasing ageing population. In such a framework is important to investigate the role of intergenerational dialogue and learning. Intergenerational learning (IL) is when adults and kids benefit from sharing activities and learn important Key competences.

Project Lifetime
November 2011 – October 2013

:: To help adults, senior citizen and volunteers to acquire competences necessary to become effective educators, and to reflect on the impact their actions can have on future learning of children.
:: To provide adults, senior citizen and volunteers with creative languages to generate opportunities for intergenerational learning;
:: To train adult’s trainers to adopt ALICE methodological approach, becoming aware of the role that adult’s as educator can have on social cohesion, and hence, re-considering the value of adult’s training institutions.

Adults will be engaged in at least six local specific informal educational experiences to better interact with children, through creative languages; experiences will cover a range of activities, from “use of art to communicate and express”, “storytelling in Europe”, “games and social media for all”, aiming at discussing the complex role of adults as informal educators and hence promoters of learning beyond the school. The project will look for engagement of adult-learners that need to strength social support networks (Immigrants, Senior citizen) as a mean to improve social cohesion.

Beyond adults’ activities, in order to promote the better quality of adults’ learning, the project will launch a transversal, European training of adults’ trainers as reflective support to local activities through eLearning methodology to discuss the topic of intergenerational learning at European level.

Seed actively participates to the project, providing key competences in the production of the learning unit realted to digital storytelling, in the facilitation of the training course and in the conception of the methodological framework.

:: An advanced online training program for trainers about intergenerational learning using creative languages and digital technologies
:: Intergenerational Pilot Experiences

:: Cà Foscari University – Interuniversity Centre of Excellence (Italy)
:: The Mosaic Art and Sound Ltd ( United Kingdom)
:: Technical University of Crete (Greece)
:: National Carlo Collodi Foundation (Italy)
:: Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning (Romania)

European Commission

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