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Seed is a non-profit enterprise active in the field of education, digital technologies and international development.

Our mission is providing expertise to non profit organizations, both for local activities (including schools, social and healthcare services, etc.) and for international cooperation and development projects.

Over time, the projects we made brought us to focus on web design and development, digital storytelling, distance learning and employability and entrepreneurship support.

Our key partners are non profit organizations all over the world. We help them support their projects, from conception and fund-raising, to project management and implementation. We are active in Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Macedonia, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, and Ghana – and we are looking forward to bring our expertise in new regions! We are also engaged in some European project, where we develop innovative technology and education methods and tools.
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We also provide training and media development services to institutions and private companies. This helps us finance international development projects.
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All our profits are re-invested pursuing our main goal: the development of a culture of educational technologies in the non profit world.
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Seed is a recognized NGO by the law of Canton Ticino, and is an active member of the Federazione delle ONG della Svizzera Italiana (FOSIT) and of the Conferenza della Svizzera italiana per la Formazione degli adulti (CFC).