Afternoon together at Parco del Tassino performing a tale

Wednesday we organized, together with Letizia and Marco from associazione Mc-Mc and NoWomannoLife, an afternoon at Parco del Tassino to perform a tale, sing and have a pic nic all together with some women from the Muslim community of Lugano and some local women. Coordinated by the teacher of Italian, Sara, we had fun performing a tale and then enjoied a great pic nic with some typical food from different countries prepared by the participants. The wonderful landscape of Lugano was just around us!

This activity was part of the integration path supported by the NIM (New Integration Method) Learning Partnership program. During the afternoon also a group of woman from the Italin partner of the project joined us bringing Parmigiano Reggiano and a great aceto balsamico from Modena, but, most of all, bringing enthusiasm and smiles!

We could chat, exchange ideas and have fun together! Here you are some pictures from the afternoon.