AHEAD – TrAining High tEch seniors for Discovery [closed]

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Logo_AHEADAHEAD – TrAining High tEch seniors for Discovery will produce ICT tools specifically designed for seniors, allowing them to share their knwoledge, experience and information, for example in the field of travelling


Many seniors and early retirees are in the fortunate position of having enough time to indulge their hobbies and interests. For some of them, this involves travel and exploration; seeing sights and gathering experiences. Enabling seniors to share such amount of information and knowledge in a valuable and usable fashion would be extremely beneficial to several target groups.
Firstly, it would help building a network with other groups of seniors with similar interests and who enjoy the same experiences in other countries or locations.
Secondly, the knowledge and information gathered by seniors could become relevant and interesting for younger generations, who also enjoy travelling and could exploit such materials. Thirdly, seniors could be supported in making their experience and records more suitable to be shared with their family members, belonging both to their own generations and to other generations, strengthening the relationships among them.
All the aforementioned cases would promote and improve the contribution seniors can actually give to society, at different levels, and the value of their experience and knowledge would be acknowledged by target groups of different origins and generations.

Project Lifetime
November 2013 – October 2015

The project AHEAD will produce a training programme and set of resources, aimed at enabling seniors to record their travelling experience, knowledge and information in digital format, exploiting in particular innovative tools and technologies.
The benefits of such will be twofold: on one hand, it will make it easier to build networks with other groups of seniors and with different generations.
On the other hand, it will promote seniors’ active aging and the improvement of their ICT competencies, which are fundamental to take part in nowadays’ society life, activities and changes.

:: The partnership will run a prelimary needs analysis research phase, in order to identify specific learning needs of the project target group
:: A mobile app and mobile platform will then be produced, in order to allow seniors to store and organise their pictures, videos and audio files, combining them into real stories or diaries.
:: The app and platform will finally be tested by partner organisations in Finland, Italy, Slovenia and UK

Superficie8 – Project coordinator (Italy)
Andragoški zavod Ljudska univerza Velenje  (Slovenia)
Associazione seed (Switzerland)
Laurea UEAS (Finland)
Le Mat (Italy)
University of Durham (UK)

European Commission

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