BESTCARE comparison study

BESTCARE partnership is close to its conclusion!
We will definitely working with our partner organisations and taking part in the pleasant and useful study visits organised in the last two years, but we are satisfied with the work we have done and the results we have achieved.
In particular, one of the specific objectives of the partnership was producing a “comparison study”, in order to summarise and all the main findings and share them with all interested stakeholders.
During the last two years, all project partner organisations identified best practice and examples about the integration of social media into healthcare VET and on the job learning activities, at national level. All the results of such research are contained in a document you can download here!
We are sure you will find it useful and interesting, and we hope that some of the examples reported there will allow you to improve the healthcare VET and  on the job learning systems with which you are involved!

Download BESTCARE comparison study in pdf  pdf