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The LLP Leonardo Partnership BESTCARE will improve the integration of ICT tools and resources into vocational training systems at European level, addressing in particular social and healthcare assistants training

Internet and social media-based communication is widespread within contemporary, Western societies’ everyday life. It is therefore extremely important to integrate ICT tools and resources within education and training systems and on the job learning.
In particular, integrating modern technologies into vocational training methodologies can facilitate mobility, interaction and cooperation among teachers, learners and institutions at international level, improving the overall quality and effectiveness of training systems.
BESTCARE Leonardo partnership specifically focuses on social and healthcare assistants training.

Project lifetime
August 2013 – July 2015

Promoting mobility, exchange of ecperiences and information among organisations and institutions training healthcare and social assistants, putting particular attention on the integration of digital technologies within this particular vocational training field

The main output of the partnership will consist of 4 study visits, during which the whole partnership will visit one of the partner country, and will have the opportunity to come into contact with the local vocational training system, focusing in particular on healthcare and social assistants training.
Moreover, a report will be produced to summarise available best practices at European level of integration of ICT in vocational training systems, and in particular in healthcare and social assistants training methodologies.

Edupoli РCoordinators (Finland)
Grimsby Institute and University Centre (UK)
Instituto de Education Secundaria les Leonardo da Vinci (Spain)
Seed association (Switzerland)

European Commission