Biz-e-Bee with start-ups and young entrepreneurs … You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation

Facing a group of young and motivated entrepreneurs, who were brave enough to open their own start-up is quite challenging when dealing with informal education… Their expectations are quite high: they look for inputs, they are curious, they want to learn something from each possible experience. When we decided to propose the Biz-e-bee piloting in the context of the CP-StartUp in Lugano, we were aware of this challenge. By the way, the result of the testing was really a positive surprise. The participants were very interested and reactive since the beginning of the piloting, both in the project and in the game. The involvement increased as the game started. It was nice to see participants showing their amusement (they also laughed a lot). The aspect they liked the most was the competition and the interaction with the rest of the groups. In fact, even more than the learning aspect linked to the specific questions (which, by the way, they appreciated a lot), what they enjoyed the most was the dynamic and the fact that they could use Biz-eBee such as a “team building” or “public relation” activity. The game was, most of all, an occasion of self reflection about strategies, communication, reaction on how you react to specific situations (as an example to luck, to competition, to the frustration of being the loosers…) and about interaction within the working groups and among the different teams… as they say “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”!

We think that the added value of using Biz-e-Bee in this particular context, was the gaming situation itself, that is a situation that introduced fun and dynamics different from the typical relational situations when start ups meet other start ups, a context that promoted facing simulations and self reflection about real life situations with an approach of thinking “out of the box”!