Start-up of a recreational cafeteria in Ecuador [closed]

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Opening a recreation cafeteria, where young people and children can socialize, play, read and learn together. That was the entrepreneurial idea from a local association of woman in Ecuador that seed supported, since the creation of the business plan, till the real opening of the Cafeteria!

Catamayo is a town of 30’000 inhabitants in the south of Ecuador where seed supported the opening of a cafeteria where young people and children can meet, play, read and organize learning entertaining initiatives. The cafeteria is managed by three women of the association “Amigos de los niños” of Catamayo.

Project Lifetime
March 2011 – June 2012

:: to promote local entrepreneurship and improve entrepreneurial and management skills of the women from the association, working in the cafeteria
:: to create a valuable alternative where young people can socialize and find a place where they can eat something cheap, they can play, learn, read or share ideas

The project was born during a week workshop about entrepreneurship lead in 2009 from seed. Seed then decided to support one of the more promising ideas coming out of the workshop. After an online support to detail the business plan, in September 2011 seed was in Catamayo to help with the preparation and the opening of the Cafeteria Arcobaleno and to work with the manager of the cafeteria on sustainability and strategy. In April 2012, 3 workshops were hosted in the cafeteria and managed by seed and the staff to work with children, young people and teachers to promote creativity, reading, storytelling, education and recreation.

:: start up of the Cafeteria Arcobaleno
:: 3 workshops, one with children, one with young people and one with 10 teachers. Workshops goals were to stimulate creativity, education, socialization, self reflection, and to improve skills and competences both in youngsters and in teachers

Asociación Amigos de los niños de Catamayo

The start up of the Cafeteria Arcobaleno was funded by CSD Engineers, the workshops with children, young people and teachers in April 2012 were supported by Canton Ticino.

:: 10.000 CHF for the start up of the cafeteria
:: 10.000 CHF for the organization of the workshops.