Progetto “Prospettive” per famiglie rifugiate

Progetto pilota di corsi d'italiano e usi e costumi per migranti ospiti in pensioni e strutture PC. Un percorso intensivo di lingua e cultura locali, rivolto a famiglie di rifugiati che mira a favorirne l'integrazione, sostenendole durante il primo periodo del loro soggiorno in Ticino. L’obiettivo del progetto è quello di sperimentare un’offerta strutturata (personale qualificato + volontari) di un corso di italiano legato alla vita quotidiana per le persone collocate alla Pensione La Santa di Viganello al fine di individuare
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We tell you a story

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"We tell a story" is a human rights education project that aims to develop awareness on this issue through the development of knowledge, skills and habits. The result is a collective story written and animated by young people living on the two opposite poles of the globe. By creating a digital story the children will be involved in the reflection of their own values and those of others, as well as the change of perspective. In addition the children will
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A voice to our tradition – Morocco

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During the last years the local association AMPFR created in Morocco three professional learning centers for women, where an handkraft formation is offered; Fondazione nWnL helped in several phases of those realizations. Neverthless, the difficulty to integrate themselves in the active life of the Country still. Thoward a 4 days workshop addressing the trainers of the centers, we want to overcome the lack of a  formation on how to start a professional activity. This work will continue also after the end
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DU4K Tableting Together – India

The aim of Digital Unify for Kids (DU4K) Tableting Together is to facilitate disadvantaged children’s membership into the information society through familiarization with ICTs, leveraging project-based learning and edutainment software. Context As many disadvantaged Countries, India has a wide digital divide between those who can benefit from technology and those who cannot, due to their conditions. Project lifetime January 2015 - July 2015 Objectives Specific goals are: To provide children with an intuitive understanding of the potential of ICTs as means for problem solving and personal development
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