SUSEN – Sustainable Entrepreneurship – A Game-Based Exploration for Lower Secondary Schools

The core goal of this project is the development of a game-based learning tool to enhance entrepreneurial education. The tool combines typical features of strategic games, like team-oriented problem-solving while facing uncertainties in a competitive environment, with elements of a so called service learning to support the development of civic engagement. Service learning is a method of teaching that emphasizes critical thinking and personal reflection while encouraging a heightened sense of community, civic engagement, and personal responsibility. Participating students will
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SG4Adults – Serious Games for Entrepreneurship Skills of Adult Learners

The European project Serious Games for Entrepreneurship Skills of Adult Learners (SG4Adults) aims to stimulate entrepreneurship mind-set and to develop entrepreneurial competencies of adult learners through the use of game-based learning method. Context Entrepreneurship is generally recognized as one of the basic skills to be acquired through life-long learning. Education can make a significant contribution to entrepreneurship, encouraging the development of entrepreneurial attitudes and skills of the learners. Serious Games are currently acknowledged as having an important role and potential in education
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CoPE – COmmunities of Practice in Education

The objective of CoPE (Communities of practice in education) is creating an on line instrument aiming at monitoring and evaluating the practical training of the students in several specializations from healthcare education field, offering at the same time an overview on the evolution of the students during their training and the performance of the schools in time. PRAX-Manager, the software developed in the project will be developed, tested and documented during the project lifetime, in local context, in the daily activities of
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OPRE! A Life Skills, Reproductive and Sexual Health Education Workshop for Roma Teenagers in Macedonia

Context The Roma minority constitutes Europe’s largest and most disadvantaged ethnic one. A substantial segment of this population resides in South-Eastern Europe, struggling on an everyday basis with a complex web of problems and predicaments. Difficulties galore in all spheres of daily living, restraining the Roma from reaching their fullest potential for development, and compromising their equal treatment and access to services in sectors of education, employment, health and housing. In Macedonia, Roma are estimated to comprise 10.4% of the aggregate national
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