Training peace mediators in Sunyani, Ghana

Context A reliable and efficient judicial service is a key element for regional and national development. Effective judicial services mean less social conflict and a more stable situation. Often, developing countries suffer from a choked or corrupted system, jeopardizing any sustainable development effort. The Marian Conflict Resolution Center (, established in 2010 in Sunyani, Ghana, is a center that trains peace mediators with Alternative Dispute Resolution skills. Seed will be collaborating with MCRC to strengthen its training competences, develop outreach actions
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Telling stories to learn and grow up

2012-02-01 16.27.54
Digital storytelling as a resource for young people of Samambaia, a suburb of Brasillia, to learn and express themselves.  Context Samambaia is a town located in the suburbs of Brasilia, where most of inhabitants are families experiencing disadvanged socio-economical conditions, and coming from the Noth-Eastern part of the contry to find a job and better conditions in Brasilia. The Association Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens (ANSMH) is located in Samambaia and aims at supporting families experiencing poverty, and their children. In particular, the main
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Start-up of a recreational cafeteria in Ecuador

Opening a recreation cafeteria, where young people and children can socialize, play, read and learn together. That was the entrepreneurial idea from a local association of woman in Ecuador that seed supported, since the creation of the business plan, till the real opening of the Cafeteria! Context Catamayo is a town of 30’000 inhabitants in the south of Ecuador where seed supported the opening of a cafeteria where young people and children can meet, play, read and organize learning entertaining initiatives. The
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Training young entrepreneurs for success in Skopje, Macedonia

Macedonia is one of the contries with the highest unemployment rate, even if it can count on motivated and well-educated local youth. This project brought a youth entrepreneurship workshop for a bounch of dynamic local young people. Context Macedonia is a true crossroad of Europe, and bears features of Eastern, Western and Southern European countries. While having a good education system, the unemployment rate remains very high. In collaboration with the local youth organization Analytica, seed oragnized a youth entrepreneurship workshop to
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