Digital storytelling Lab with Lodrino middle school

Developing and improving specific competences of a group of middle school students, by focusing on the creation of a story and on its development in digital format. Context Digital storytelling, which is, the productions of stories in digital format, is an adaptible and effective educational tool, allowing teachers and educators to improve several students' competences and skills. For example, writing and reading a story is helpful to develop linguistic knowledge, whereas working on the story's illustrations increases students' creative and artistics abilities. Finally, producing
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Digital storytelling for the integration of children with special needs

The Digital Storytelling for Development approach was developed by seed for fostering the integration process of children with disabilities. This ambitious project aims at bringing together a meaningful learning activity for children in a primary school, embedding curricular content, with an intense integration process for children with disabilities from a special education school. This is achieved through storytelling and art. Context Special education children can experience integration problems, as they are offered limited opportunities to interact with other children. Also, learning to
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Conoscere, lavorare, integrarsi

The project Conoscere, lavorare, integrarsi (Knowing, working, integrating) focuses on learning and integrating Lugano Muslim community women. The aim is to offer not only a language and professional integration path, but also a way to practice and enhance personal and professional skills in order to build together a personal/group entrepreneurial project. Description After the first meeting, where language tests were done, seed’s staff started working with two groups of unemployed Muslim women from Lugano. They come from many countries  – Iran, Irak,
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Training course about digital technologies at Scuola di Vita Autonoma

The training course about digital technologies which we implemented with the operators and guests of Scuola di Vita Autonoma aimed at improving the partcipants' understanding and knowledge of the most frequently used digital technologies, their characterstics, advantages and risks, in order to increase the safety of their daily use. Context Scuola di Vita Autonoma is an initiative of the association Pro Infirmis, addressing people suffering from a mild physical or psychological disability, aiming at improving their independence and ability to manage their
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