Step into the city

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An integration project dedicated to migrant women to enhance not only linguistic and relational field, but also social, civil and national competences. Partners of the project: Associazione seed and Associazione mc-mc. Context The project is dedicated to migrant women (permit B, C, permit F+7) with a basic level of Italian, which want to enhace their knowledges about the language, but also of the territory and the local culture, exploring also the possibility to participate and contribute actively to social life of the place
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A voice to our tradition – Morocco

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During the last years the local association AMPFR created in Morocco three professional learning centers for women, where an handkraft formation is offered; Fondazione nWnL helped in several phases of those realizations. Neverthless, the difficulty to integrate themselves in the active life of the Country still. Thoward a 4 days workshop addressing the trainers of the centers, we want to overcome the lack of a  formation on how to start a professional activity. This work will continue also after the end
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DU4K Tableting Together – India

The aim of Digital Unify for Kids (DU4K) Tableting Together is to facilitate disadvantaged children’s membership into the information society through familiarization with ICTs, leveraging project-based learning and edutainment software. Context As many disadvantaged Countries, India has a wide digital divide between those who can benefit from technology and those who cannot, due to their conditions. Project lifetime January 2015 - July 2015 Objectives Specific goals are: To provide children with an intuitive understanding of the potential of ICTs as means for problem solving and personal development
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Be social, be an entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurship tools to serve social goals and build a better world. The Social Enterprising Europe Programme (SEE Programme) project is come to its end. In two years, partners with Belgium, Italy, Spain, Macedonia and Switzerland have produced a full training program for prospective social entrepreneurs. Learn more: Explore free learning resources (both for trainers and learning): Join the LinkedIn community
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