COACH BOT – E-course with virtual coach [closed]

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The COACH BOT project aims at designing and testing an innovative e-learning methodology for adult education that combines the Conversational Agent Technology (chatterbot or chatbot) with an ad hoc designed modular learning path.

The health care system is a set of integrated services and interoperating teams that needs a lifelong learning system able to provide a continual updating of professionals skills. There are many indicators that show the huge training needs felt as an acute problem in the health care system: skills shortages at all levels, lack of IT infrastructure, recruitment increase, reorganisation, duplication of effort. The current training system is too slow to cope with the change. An IT based learning solution can help solve these problems by providing health care professionals the opportunity to update and improve their skills by using a flexible approach. The distance learning approach and the COACH BOT methodology and tool will produce a pivotal long term impact addressed to professionals of home care health services.

Project Lifetime
November 2008 – October 2010

The project aims at carrying out a new model of adult distance education based on a e-learning methodology that combines the conversational agent technology (Virtual Coach) with an ad hoc designed modular learning path.

The first step took by COACH BOT’s partnership was developing a set of contents, organised in modules to be uploaded on the project’s online platform and based on a previous requirements analysis, relevant to homecare assistant’s daily professional practice.
Then, the partnership developed the COACH BOT e-learning platform which includes a modular training path on medical/psychological issues, national/EU health laws, social/ethical aspects of medical home care assistance, and a COACH BOT Virtual Agent able to interact with the students to customise the learning path according to their needs.
In particular, seed association was in charge of running requirement analysis in Canton Ticino, developing the contents of two modules and running the experimentation in Canton Ticino.

The COACH BOT methodology represents a pedagogical model of adult distance education based of the combination of the conversational agent technology and the modular e-course delivered through the platform. This training model represents the main project result and it includes an e-learning system able to interface individually in a human-like way with learners and to customize the learning process according to the their needs.

FOR. COM. (Italy, coordinator)
Aarhus Social and Health Care College (Denmark)
Norton Radstock College (U.K)
Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning, SREP (Romania)
Pragma Group (Italy)
Srednja zdravstvena sola Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Sees association (Switzerland)

European Commission