Courses for NGOs and entreprises

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Seed+ can be a resource for the development of your organization, both if you are an NGO or a private or public company. Until 2014 Associazione seed provided those services, which are now provided by Seed+, cousin of seed dedicated to professional consulting.

Here is a list of our favourite training topics. All training programs are highly customizable according to your specific requests and needs. For more information, please contact us.


Courses for organizational and personal development

Public speaking
Presenting in front of a wide audience is not always a simple matter. This course offers theory and practical hints that will allow you to improve your public speaking competences.

Team building
Working in a smooth and collaborative team represents an important aspect for working efficiency and staff wellness. This course offers participants the possibility of experiencing team building activities (including cooking, music, video production, games, etc.) and reflecting on team dynamics and on topics such as leadership, collaboration and communication.

Work motivation
Finding the right motivation, rediscovering the meaning we were looking for, is the source of the energy for your organization. This course, managed in collaboration with occupational psychologists, allows team and self-reflection and helps individuals to get the direction to find their own self work motivation.

Communication and ICT courses

Online fund raising
Internet and new technologies can offer a quite cheap solution to boost fund raising both for big or small non profit organizations. This course offers participants the possibility to investigate online possibilities for finding supports for their projects and activities and improve visibility and communication with supporters.

Online Communication and Promotion
Web communication is nowadays an essential function even for small organizations: the web became, in fact a fundamental channel for customers and users, usually as a first contact point for profit or non profit entities.
This course will deal topics such as identifying different modalities to integrate web communication in business processes, designing integrated actions of offline and online communications, exploiting communication and promotion tools (such as social networks, mailing lists…) applied to its own professional sector, monitoring and evaluating results.

Easily create and manage your own web site
Updating a website can become a nightmare if you don’t know how to do it. But nowadays there are tools that can help you to easily create and manage your own website. One of this tools is WordPress. This course will enable participants to get acquainted with this opensource software, becoming independent in the management of a website, thus avoiding further costs and allowing constant communication through the website. The course is structured as a workshop, with some theory and much practice.

Safe Internet for young people
New generations are growing up in a context where the use of the Internet is as common as playing football in streets was some years ago. Internet can be a wonderful source of information, but can also hide some threats. Seed can offer courses to schools for children and young people introducing them topics and practical hints on source trustworthiness and profitable use of the net. Courses can be also organized for parents in order to help them being updated about Internet safety and how to lead their children in using it in a safe way.