Digital storytelling in Campeche

We are going ahead with the educational and technological workshop in the Educational and Training Center Edimar in Campeche, Messico.
Now that the room in set up and Matteo lead the first part of the training,  Luca – straight from Ecuador – is now in Campeche. Goal: training the “maestros” about seed’s digital storytelling method (developed also through the project PINOKIO).
The workshop started with a half-day-work with 8 youth workers, and continued today, involving also 14 children aged 10 to 12. The common theme is family: one of the most crucial and difficult topics for the young people in the neighbourhood where the Center Edimar is located.

How to face such theme? Through the story of African animals, of a young pirate and his father, and through the adventure of two brothers in the desert of the Middle East!