Digital storytelling in Varazdin and Opatija, Croatia [closed]

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After the long war that exploded in the Western Balkans in the ’90s, efforts are needed to reconstruct the civil society. This project proposed digital storytelling as an educational method for setting up community development projects with children and their families, in collaboration with DND, a long-tradition local NGO.

Drustvo Nasa Djeca (DND) is a long-standing federation of Croatian NGO with local centers across the whole country. DND proposes after-school art-based and educational activities for children, with the goal of fostering the reconstruction of the Croatian civil society after the horrors of the war. The collaboration between DND and seed was born from the desire to integrate new approaches into DND’s projects.

Project Lifetime
April – June 2009 (Varazdin), January – March 2010 (Opatija)

This project aimed at training DND educators in running digital storytelling workshops aimed at supporting local community development.

The two projects included a distance preparation (reading materials, understanding the basics of storytelling) and a 1-week local workshop with 2 staff members from seed, each involving 8-10 local educators and 12-15 children. In both cases, the storytelling workshop was concluded by  a prémiere event that showcase stories to parents, friends and relatives.

The goal of the digital storytelling workshops is offering a stimulating fictional environment where difficult topics (like family relationship, friendship and loneliness, or poverty) can be discussed together. The approach remained as an asset of local DND staff, who had also the possibility to improve their ICT skills.

:: DND Zagreb (coordination)
:: DND Varazdin
:: DND Opatija

The project in Varazdin was funded by Fondazione Margherita, Lugano. The project in Opatija was funded by Canton Ticino.

8’000 + 5’000 CHF

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