Digital storytelling Lab with Lodrino middle school [closed]

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screenshot_videoDeveloping and improving specific competences of a group of middle school students, by focusing on the creation of a story and on its development in digital format.

Digital storytelling, which is, the productions of stories in digital format, is an adaptible and effective educational tool, allowing teachers and educators to improve several students’ competences and skills. For example, writing and reading a story is helpful to develop linguistic knowledge, whereas working on the story’s illustrations increases students’ creative and artistics abilities. Finally, producing a short video representing the story improves informatics skills and the familiarity with digital technologies. Since digital storytelling process often requires participants to work in groups to procuce digital stories, it is also an effective opportunity to learn cooperating and acting as a team.
Seed association is implementing a digital storytelling workshop with the middle school of Lodrino (a town in Canton Ticino), particularly focusing on the development of students’ linguistic skills, creative skills, and motivation.
The common theme of the whole workshop will be the transition of the labour market: such subject will not be directly addressed, but will be the story’s main subject.
This activity is part of LabLearning project, and is carried out by seed’s staff members and SUPSI’s staff members, with support from Lodrino middle school teachers.

Project lifetime
September – November 2013

– Improving participants’ linguistic competences
– Improving participants’ creative and artistic abilities
– Improving participants’ motivation

– Description of stories’ specific characteristics; presentation of examples of stories; definition of the workshops’ common theme and of the main characters to be included in the digital story.
– Writing and reading the story’s script.
– Storyboarding.
– Producing the story’s illustrations.
– Voiceover recording and soundtrack identification.
– Video editing

Digital story developed by a group of students of Lodrino middle school.

LabLearning project