Digital storytelling workshop at CEFE in Campeche (Mexico) [closed]

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cefeTelling stories and creating digital tales, to grow up together at the Educational and Training Centre Edimar (CEFE) in Campeche, Mexico. 

Young people in Campeche often live in difficult socio-economical conditions, they are quite likely to leave school really ealry, and sometimes to experience drug addiction. Unfortunatelly, they are family are oftne unable to support them and encourage their education, because of excessive workload, or lack of education.
CEFE offers an extremely precious service to the city of Campeche, by offering afterschool activities, orgnised and managed by 13 educators and addressing children and youngsters aged 6 to 16. The aim of the activities organised by CEFE is supporting participants’ education and encouraging their interest in and involvement with education.
The digital storytelling workshop organised by seed’s trainers was integrated in such context and was one of the activities implemented by CEFE in order to encourage and support the education of local children and youngsters.

Project lifetime
January – December 2010

– Improving expressive, relational, ICT and learning skills of participants
– Increasing participants’ self-esteem
– Enhancing participants’ ability to work in groups

– Trainers’ training stage, to teach CEFE educators to apply technological and creative tools in order to implement digital storytelling-based activities at the centre.
– Supporting children in creating their own stories, which were illustrated, digitalised and shared.
– Integration of digital storytelling based activities in the ordinary initiatives of CEFE
– Evaluation of the project’s products and experience

Digital stories produced by children and young people attending CEFE, by working in groups, with the support of their educators and seed’s trainers.

Associazione seed (CH)
CEFE Campeche, Mexico

Co-funded by Fondazione Margherita

20’500 CHF