Digital storytelling workshop in Lugano – 2


Last week another digital storytelling workshop was held in Lugano, in collaboration with our Hungarian partners from Anthropolis.

Participants were trainers and teachers from both Switzerland and Hungary, interested in learning how to apply digital storytelling to the training and educational activities they usually implement.
The workshop featured parallel sessions regarding two different methodologies to apply digital storytelling to the field and education and training. One mainly addressed children and was based on the creation of fictional stories; one mainly addressed adults, and was based on the creation of personal digital stories.


Participants had the chanceto select the session in which to participate, according to their specific interest and professional focus, but they  all worked hard to learn how to write a story, illustrate it, record it, and render it in digital  format.

At the end of the workshop, we all shared the beautiful stories produced by participants and discussed together about how the learnt methodologies can be integrated into trainers’ and teachers’ ordinary activities.

Finally, moderators gathered suggestions and inputs about how to improve the workshop, making it more complete and relevant for participants.

It was a positive exchange and experience!