Digital storytelling workshop in Lugano – Day 1

945581_10152837362615652_1384222622_nA three days long digital storytelling workshop started on Wednesday in seed’s office.

The workshop is part of x-story project and is meant to exchange competencies, experience and expertise about digital storytelling as a training methodology with our partners from Anthropolis.

Other people interested in the topic took part in the workshop, too, so it is being even richer than expected!

The first day started with an introduction about stories, fiction stories, and digital, their specific feature and their relevence as an educational and pedagogical tool. Some example of seed’s past projects, implemented by applying a digital storytelling based training methodololgy, were shown and examples and best practices.

Fianally, participants started being storytellers! they were given the beginning of a story and had to complete it, by imagineing its end.

Tomorrow we’ll tell you what’s next!