Dinner in Tibet – follow up

cenaTibetana6We have already told you something about the Tibetan dinner and Tibetan cuisine course we organised together with Kreiamoci association, but it was not enough!

We would like to provide you with some more details about the event’s schedule, activities and results.

First of all, the event is the ALPP seed organised within ALICE project.

The course began with an ice-breaking exercise, during which participants shared their own origin and cultural background, in order to facilitate the interaction and exchange among different cultures and generations.

Then, Tibetan moderators introduced the dishes to be prepared togehter, and helped participants cooking them all together. Moreover, while cooking, they also shared with participants and trainers some stories and relevant elements of their tradition, increasing the cultural value of the whole event.

The results of the cooperation among participants were astonishing! People of different cultural origin, age groups and social backgrounds worked together in order to learn how to cook something new. They worked hard but had much fun, too, and had the chance to share a delicious, home made Tibetan dinner.

The dinner was also a chance to discuss with participants about their own impressions and feedbacks about the course. In particular, the main focus of the conversation was the degree to which the activity was perceived as an opportunity to interact with people of different cultures and age groups. Another fundamental topic was the possibility for participants to develop the event’s structure, customise it and adapt it to their own environment and daily activities.

Results, on the whole, are definitely positive!