Dinner in Tibet!

DSCN0028On Wednesday, 8th May, seed association took part in the Tibetan dinner organised by Kreiamoci association, in cooperation with Swiss Red Cross.

The event consisted in a course of Tibetan cuisine, during which three refugees from Tibet taught participants to cook traditional Tibetan dishes, followed by a dinner, during which participants ate the deliscious dishes they cooked all together.

This initiative was a precious opportunity to meet the people and culture from Tibet: not only the cuisine, but also music, traditions, habits…

The course was also a chance to encourage intergenrational contact and interaction, since there were participants and facilitators of different age groups, who met, spent time together, learnt something together, and will have the chance to meet again, thanks to similar initiatives. They were all enthusiastic about the teachers, the course-mates, and the food!

See you at the next dinner! Who knows where will it be?