DU4K Tableting Together – Morocco

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The aim of Digital Unify for Kids (DU4K) Tableting Together is to facilitate disadvantaged children’s membership into the information society through familiarization with ICTs, leveraging project-based learning and edutainment software.

After the positive experience that took place in India , the pilot project Digital Unify for Kids is mirrored in Ben Guerir a town of Morocco that is located halfway between Casablanca and Marrakesh.

As many disadvantaged Countries, Morocco has a wide digital divide between those who can benefit from technology and those who cannot, due to their conditions.

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Specific goals are:

  1. To provide children with an intuitive understanding of the potential of ICTs as means for problem solving and personal development (through education)
  2. To help children to develop basic ICT skills in writing, math and information literacy (through exercise)
  3. To enhance children’s positive attitude towards digital technologies in general through fun (through entertainment)
  4. To provide children with an experience of ICT as an opportunity to learn how to cooperate (through collaborative learning)

Results are:

  1. To equip two DU centers with Android tablets in a ratio of 1 per 2 learners
  2. To conceive a set of learning activities to be carried out in small groups of children 9-13
  3. To train a group of local educators to manage the activities which leverage the tablets
  4. To allow disadvantaged children 9-13 to experience the potential of tablets (and digital technologies in general) for learning

Learning activities adopt a playful approach to learning, based on exploration and discovery under the guidance and supervision of two educators: a teacher and a trainer. The learning objectives are a set of core skills, namely:

  1. Searching the Internet
  2. Writing
  3. Calculating
  4. Explaining

In addition, other skills will be developed as a lead-in to the core skills:

  1. Taking pictures
  2. Shooting video
  3. Drawing
  4. Creating music

Partner and funder
STMicroelectronics Foundation, Switzerland / Italy

30.000 CHF