Dynamic youth in Skopje

11 young people from Macedonia (mostly from Skopje, both Macedonians and Albanians) attended the first day, presenting 7 entrepreneurial ideas.

The first day was devoted to motivation (why becoming an entrepreneur?) and to the business idea (what would you like to do?). The result was a set of maps – one for each business idea – presenting the idea, competitors, clients and suppliers. We then moved on to identify and communicate effectively the selling point (or added value) of each project.

It is always interesting to see that “making money” is not the first goal for so many young people, but an instrument to make a decent life, to create jobs for other and to help one’s community. Macedonia can count on (at least a few) very dynamic, well prepared and engaged young people.

The schedule allowed time to prepare for playing MENU, the learning game from the See A Game EU project which provides a sound backbone for seed’s entrepreneurship program. Three teams were formed and started the “branding” phase, also drawing their logos and claim on some paper… well, some on very small pieces of paper!

See you tomorrow for the next episode!