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Macedonia is one of the countries with the highest unemployment rate, especially among  young people. This project, designed in tight collaboration with a local youth association, provides training in employability for young people, ranging from curriculum writing to leadership and communication skills.

Macedonia is a country with very high unemployment rates – especially among young people. A situation made even worse by the financial crisis that struck Europe in 2008. Youth Can is a youth association active in Skopje, angaged in youth development and leadership, and that got in touch with seed through its previous projects in Macedonia.

March-October 2012

This project aims at developing employability skills in young people, focusing on young graduates, without distinction in ethnicity.

The project is jointly managed by seed and Youth Can, and includes a training program with local instructors with 5 modules, spanning from CV writing to leadership and communication skills. Seed accompanies the project and conducts the evaluation.


Youth Can, Skopjie, Macedonia.

Youth for Development

7’000 CHF