Entrepreneurs in Skopje: the importance of the team

Day 2 in the entrepreneurship workshop is about the team. For one, you cannot be an entrepreneur on your own, you alway need somebody to think with you. Second, when you start, often the team is the only evidence that you have of the potential of the idea. Still, “marketing oneself” is tough!

The project ideas are very realistic and with high potential: event management, an online free-lance translator platform, packaging of agricultural products for export, service for internships between Macedonia and Italy, local leadership training for young people, environmental consultants and internship and personal development services for Macedonian students.

Day 2 is also the day where the menu game starts: 3 “catering company” team are competing, and that is an exciting way to focus on specific attitudes. Today, we talked of balancing production and communication, of “telling the right story” and of knowing your market. This introduced the market research part – the hard one! Participants managed to identify missing information and strategies to get it.

News from Skopje, day 3, will be online tomorrow!