Training young entrepreneurs for success in Skopje, Macedonia [closed]

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Macedonia is one of the contries with the highest unemployment rate, even if it can count on motivated and well-educated local youth. This project brought a youth entrepreneurship workshop for a bounch of dynamic local young people.

Macedonia is a true crossroad of Europe, and bears features of Eastern, Western and Southern European countries. While having a good education system, the unemployment rate remains very high. In collaboration with the local youth organization Analytica, seed oragnized a youth entrepreneurship workshop to stimulate young people to create their own job and future.

Project Lifetime
January-October 2011

The goal of this project is twofold: on the first hand, to provide young people with an opportunity to develop their own entrepreneurship idea; on the other, to provide Analytica staff with training to design and implement entrepreneurship programs.

The project included  a program design phase, the selection of participants (15 out of over 20 applicants), an online learning preparation phase, a 1-week on-site workshop, an online follow-up and a competition for assigning a small start-up grant to the best project.

Of the 12 participants, 8 start-up projects were developed. Those gave birth to an environmental engineering firm, an NGO, a mushroom production company, and a student exchange agency. New employability and entrepreneurship programs are being realized as a follow-up.

Analytica, Skopje, Macedonia.

The project was co-financed by CSD ENGINEERS as part of their social responsibility actions, and by Youth for Develpoment (DSC).

15’000 CHF