Exchanging stories for social development (x-story) [closed]

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Sharing experiences and best practices of digital storytelling in the field of training and social development

Stories are not only an effective way to understand content, but also a powerful way of expressing oneself. Learning to tell stories is an opportunity to enhance personal communication competencies, to learn to tell your own story; it is an opportunity to know yourself better and express yourself. When stories, drawings and digital media were brought together a special method, digital storytelling was born. This new methodology, present in Europe for 8 years only, is becoming more and more successful and powerful for its obvious advantages: it can be used in various fields also within pedagogy – to develop imagination, self-expression; working with impaired children and adults – to foster their inclusion, integration into society; in intergeneration scenes – children documenting the stories of their grannies, the elderly; in social work – developing social competences even for adults, in intercultural cooperation, and many more. Digital storytelling develops digital competences, technical knowledge of PC and software, too but in an indirect manner, through practice. The focus of digital storytelling method is not on digital technologies, but technologies serve as instruments with a double purpose: motivating the target group, who are attracted by them; and expanding one’s expressive palette.

Project lifetime
March – November 2013

The empowerment, capacity building, mutual learning of two NGOs through the exchange of experience and transfer of best practices in the field of digital storytelling.

– organization of two international workshops, for the two involved associations to exchange methods to apply digital storytelling to the training and social development environment
– new content and technology incorporated in the digital storytelling method of both associations
– implementation of two pilot projects in Switzerland, and two in Hungary, to pilot the newly learnt digital storytelling methodology

– creation and publication of 20 digital stories by the common effort of the children and youngsters inolved in pilot projects
– project website where digital stories will also be available

Associazione seed (CH)
Anthropolis (HU)

Swiss – Hungary cooperation funds

37’784 CHF