Exchanging stories with Anthropolis

DSAnthropolis is a Hungarian NGO with which we have started cooperating to exchange experience and competence in the field of digital storytelling.

Let’s talk about the Anthropolis‘ expertise and methodology to apply digital storytelling.

Digital storytelling based activities aim at making participants producing  videos, which show a personal story, narrated by their own voice, and illustrated by their own pictures.

Creating and sharing a personal stories, and listening to other participants’ stories, is a precious opportunity to learn organising memories, to deepen self-understanding and self-devlopment. Digital storytelling can thus be applied to formal and non-formal education initiatives, and to activities aimed at community building or research.

Anthropolis is playing an important role in encourageing the development of digital storytelling in Hungary, by organising trainers’ training workshops; producing handbooks; creating the learning cerntre and archive storycenter.hu. Moreover, Anthropolis is currently planning to introduce digital storytelling into national adults educational curricula.