FAIRstart – Training program for people taking care of abandoned children [closed]

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Offering an effective, easily accessible and useful training program to the people taking care of abandoned children, thus giving all orphanage children a fair start in life.

Between 10 and 50 children (under the age of 3) of each 10.000 children in Europe grow up without the most important teachers in their lives: the parents. And an estimated 3-4% of the population in general experience so poor early attachment conditions that they do not receive proper human, psychological or social care needed in order to develop basic human resources for later learning. Learning competence and relevant social behaviour development depend to a large extent to the first learning processes developed in the parent/child relationship from birth and up to the age of 3. The persons taking care of abandoned children, so, have a real important role and in many cases they are not trained or prepared to do this in the proper way.

Project Lifetime
December 2008 – November 2010

The project goal was to offer an effective, easy accessible and useful training program and training material to the people taking care of abandoned children or children placed outside their families, in order to help them to give a fair start also to unluckily children. A well prepared adult can help a child to grow up with the necessary human care and conditions, developing the learning skills necessary to live a normal life.

The project started with an analysis of the situation in the partner countries of the situation of abandoned children. Then, after a definition of the requirements, a training program has been defined and developed with the contribution of psychologists expert in the theme. The training program was then tested in different countries. The FAIRstart training program was then adapted according to hints and comments emerged during the testing and is now available on line and http://train.fairstartedu.us/ in different languages. The program have been appreciated by many international actors, also outside Europe and is now being translated in many new languages by volunteers all over the world.

A new project to transfer the innovation of the FAIRstart project has been approved by the European Union and is now going on. The name of the new project is TransSFAIR.

Seed actively participated to the development of the project, especially contributing to the design of the training program, to the dissemination and to the evaluation. Seed also developed the educational game included in the training program and to the development of the self evaluation tools used within the training material.

:: A complete training program available at http://train.fairstartedu.us/;
:: Conferences around Europe;
:: A DVD with the training material available in different languages;
:: An educational game and an handbook available to be printed in the training section of the web site.

:: Aarhus Social and Health Care College, Aarhus (Denmark)
:: Ecological Green Foundation, Iasi (Romania)
:: ARGO Consultancy, Slagelse (Denmark)
:: Espiral, Entitat de Serveis, Girona (Spain)
:: Cyprus Adult Education Association, Latsia (Cyprus)
:: Università della Liberetà del FGV, Udine (Italy)
:: “Die Berater”, Vienna (Austria)
:: Kocaeli Valigi AB Projeler Koordinasyon Merkezi, Kocaeli (Turkey)

European Commission

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For the training program: http://train.fairstartedu.us/