FEDRA – Fertility Awareness for Responsible Parenting [closed]

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FEDRA aims at improving the quality of fertility awareness and responsible parenting training programs. This means: enhancing the quality of training programs and materials, making fertility awareness training programs more engaging and effective, and finally making the job of fertility awareness trainer more attractive.


A widespread culture of responsible parenting creates conditions for each and every new life to be welcomed, and generates more balanced and sustainable families, with less critical upbringing situations for children. Making responsible decisions in parenting depends on many social, economical and psychological variables, but one element is central: fertility awareness (FA). Being aware of how sexuality works (physiology of fertility), of its values (personal beliefs about sexuality, and potential inter-couple conflicts due to, e.g., different cultures or habits), along with knowledge of means to regulate it are a requisite of responsible parenting.

Project lifetime
November 2012 – October 2015

:: Enhancing the quality of fertility awareness training programmes and materials.
:: Making fertility awareness training programmes more attractive and effective.
:: Making the activity of fertility awareness trainers more attractive.

:: Developing a high quality trainers training program template.
:: Developing sample fertility awareness training programs suitable to different target groups, that can be used to implement programs in different European countries.
:: Designing and developing standard reference training materials also exploiting digital technologies.
:: Reinforcing and extending the European network of organizations active in adult education in fertility awareness and responsible parenting.

:: Project website
:: Online platform on which training materials will be uploaded
:: Fertility awareness training programme
:: Fertility awareness training materials
:: Customised training package to be used in specific countries
:: Final conference

:: La Bottega dell’Orefice (Italy, coordinator)
:: Associazione seed (Switzerland)
:: PERLE e. V. (Germany)
:: Cana Movement (Malta)
:: Asociación Española de Profesores de Planificación Familiar RENAFER (Spagna)
:: Polish Association of Natural Family Planning Teachers (Polonia)
:: Vytautas Magnus University (Lituania)

Cofunded by the European Commission

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