Final meeting and conference Sharing Landscapes

Last week Sara was in Grece, for the final meeting and conference of Sharing Landscapes, which took place on the beautiful island of Lesvos, in the city of Mytilene. Our Greek partner, Aeolis, organised two very productive and successul days of work, and was very kind in welcoming us and taking us to amazing corners of the Island.

During the meeting partners discussed the last issues concerning the project’s publication and e-learning modules, as well as the last administrative and dissemination tasks. Taking into account the whole project, the partners’ local initiatives, the project’s products, the partners’ collaboration and satisfaction, and ecthusiasm with which the audience received the bublication… Sharing Landscapes has definitely been very successful!

The day after the meeting a conference took place; there was 70 participants, and among the speakers there were the Minister of Internal Affairs; Mr. Athanasiou, the Mayor of Lesvos Mr Vounatsos; and Prof. Alexis Kokkos, who presented the experiential learning and the importance of creativity in adult learning. Moreover, the partners presented the project and its products, and Martin Clark took us arounf the city of Mytilene for an experiential workshop.