Food and games for cultural exchange

Today at Parco del Tassino, in Lugano, we had a great day exchanging recipts and food stories and doing team building games all together with the group of Muslim women who are attending the project “Conoscere lavorare integrarsi”, in the context of the Sharing Landscapes project. First of all we all played some theatre games useful for team building, for better knowing each other and to promote discussion and self reflection.
Then we had a great pic-nic with the food that everyone prepared according to the culture of her original country. We could taste food from Turkey, Tunisia, Marocco, Iran and a lot of other countries, and, of course, some great Swiss chocolate! We also exchanged some storyes related to the food, as an example the fascinating story of chocolate in Switzerland and the amazing entrepreneurial aspects linked to it! It was really a good day, and we learnt a lot… thanks to everyone who was there to make the day special!