Getting to details

Day 3 in the entrepreneurship workshop in Skopje. Wednesday is famous in adult training for being the day when tension goes down… but this was not the case here!

Day 3 is devoted to moving from the idea and the market, to action: how will you “attack” your market, contact your clients, convince them to be with you? How will you define your products and structure your internal organizations? The answer to such questions requires fleshing out the details. And details means thinking concretely, identify missing information, planning the next steps.

Also, when ideas have to be transformed into products and prices, the tension appears between the “social idea” (generate new jobs, protect the environment, etc.) and the “law of the jungle”: revenues are the driver.

(and preparing for day 4, which is the financial plan, also known as “the proof of the pudding”: is it sustainable?).

Seed’s strategy for this is fostering first lateral thinking (and here the team exercises developed with Scuola Teatro Dimitri are of great value) and then conveying out of the box thinking into concrete solutions. A challenge, and a pleasure, so that most participants told us “we are now starting to see how this can really be”.