EU Projects

Since 2009 seed has been involved as partner in several Europea projects in the field of LifeLong Learning for the development of innovative methodologies for education.




In a society in constant change and development, grows the need to empower the skills of migrants through specific tools for trainers, in order to facilitate their access to the job market. Project lifetime September 2016 – September 2018 Objectives The primary goal of the...

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WORKQ – Qualification at work

WorkQ_ logo

WORKQ (Qualification at work) has chosen three priorities that go hand in hand and affect on the quality of VET. The priorities follow the priorities of Edupoli’s strategy and the KA2 Strategic Partnerships for VET. For the future success of VET we need to find new...

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SUSEN – Sustainable Entrepreneurship – A Game-Based Exploration for Lower Secondary Schools [closed]


The core goal of this project is the development of a game-based learning tool to enhance entrepreneurial education. The tool combines typical features of strategic games, like team-oriented problem-solving while facing uncertainties in a competitive environment, with elements of a so called service learning to...

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SG4Adults – Serious Games for Entrepreneurship Skills of Adult Learners [closed]


The European project Serious Games for Entrepreneurship Skills of Adult Learners (SG4Adults) aims to stimulate entrepreneurship mind-set and to develop entrepreneurial competencies of adult learners through the use of game-based learning method. Context Entrepreneurship is generally recognized as one of the basic skills to be...

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CoPE – COmmunities of Practice in Education [closed]


The objective of CoPE (Communities of practice in education) is creating an on line instrument aiming at monitoring and evaluating the practical training of the students in several specializations from healthcare education field, offering at the same time an overview on the evolution of the students during...

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EuBikE [closed]


The project EuBikE – European cyclo tourism Educational program – aims at developing and piloting a set of ICT tools and an innovative model for the recognition and use of informal competences for developing and advancing cyclotourism. EuBikE proposes to integrate skills of tourism providers...

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A Suitcase for Europe [closed]

Logo Suitcase

“A Suitcase for Europe” is the title of our Grundtvig Learning Partnership project, a cultural tour around Italy, Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria and Portugal for one direction: Europe! For this special trip we needs: a suitcase, a story, a cheerful company. We want to tell...

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Self Assessment from Learning to Learn [closed]

Logo SelfAssessment

“Self Assessment from Learning to Learn: Safety and Digital Competence” is the name of this project, which aim is to create an inter-generational learning community, to promote mobility and exchange of experiences of pairs of trainers: one junior and one senior, in order to create...

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CirSchool [closed]

logo Circus

The Lifelong Learning Comenius project CirSchool aims at developing an innovative and creative teaching and learning environment promoting key competences, based on circus paradigm. CirSchool leverages circus relational and physical practices in order to foster the acquisition of key transversal competences, such as abstraction, self-esteem,...

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StorySHOP [closed]


StorySHOP addresses the education and training systems of healthcare employees in Europe. The project aims at producing a training curriculum and a set of materials and tools helping to prevent drop-out during education as well as to reduce the high risk of burnout among the...

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BESTCARE [closed]


    The LLP Leonardo Partnership BESTCARE will improve the integration of ICT tools and resources into vocational training systems at European level, addressing in particular social and healthcare assistants training Context Internet and social media-based communication is widespread within contemporary, Western societies’ everyday life....

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AHEAD – TrAining High tEch seniors for Discovery [closed]


AHEAD – TrAining High tEch seniors for Discovery will produce ICT tools specifically designed for seniors, allowing them to share their knwoledge, experience and information, for example in the field of travelling   Context Many seniors and early retirees are in the fortunate position of...

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Rapport – Prevent early school leaving [closed]


Rapport – Building Rapport to prevent early school leaving, will promote a Virtual Reflective Learning, in order to reduce early school leaving. Context One of the main headline targets agreed by the European Council is to reduce the share of early school leavers to less...

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InRuTou – Innovation in Rural Tourism [closed]

InRuTou Logo

The Lifelong Learning project InRuTou aims at developing and testing a set of tools and innovative models for facilitating the development of sustainable tourism in rural areas, specifically in mountainous regions, by fostering a community consultation process, and for training selected opinion leaders to act...

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TransFAIR [closed]


The project FAIRstart, thanks to which training material addressing operators working with abandoned children (with a focus 0-3 years old) were developed, was so successful that is being carried on by being transferred to new contexts within the project TransFAIR. Context The interplay between the...

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Rights – “pRomotIng Global citizensHip education Through digital Storytelling” [closed]


EGC (Education for Global Citizenship) is a comprehensive approach to the challenges of the present globalized world, with an emphasis on individual and social responsibility and consequent capacity of action. It points out to the empowering of the individual, not only to the transmission of...

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P.IN.O.K.I.O – Pupils for INnOvation as a Key to Interultural and social inclusiOn [closed]


P.IN.O.K.I.O project aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue against social exclusion, using fairy tale characters as a ‘way’ of communication for pre-school and school children, migrant children and their parents. Context Our society is now confronted with a mix of cultures coming from different backgrounds. This...

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WebWise Parents – European Learning Partnership [closed]


Nowadays young people and children are more and more used to surf the internet and use technologies, but are parents ready and prepared to help their children to use new technologies in an efficient and safe way? This partnership tries to investigate and find solutions...

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Free Technology Academy [closed]


The Free Technology Academy (FTA) project was born from the awareness of two remarks: software has become a strategic societal resource in the last few decades and free software, also known as open source software, can have a main role as free resource at everyone’s...

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COACH BOT – E-course with virtual coach [closed]


The COACH BOT project aims at designing and testing an innovative e-learning methodology for adult education that combines the Conversational Agent Technology (chatterbot or chatbot) with an ad hoc designed modular learning path. Context The health care system is a set of integrated services and...

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Sharing Landscapes [closed]


Sharing Landscapes is an EU Lifelong Learning Grundtvig Multilateral project. The project aims to create an interdisciplinary methodology on teaching outdoors for adult learners. Context The significance of experiential learning has become more and more apparent over the past years, as its impact and improvement on...

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Folk DC – Music and languages [closed]


The Digital Children’s Folksongs for Language and Cultural Learning (Folk DC) project is a European Union project designed to motivate young language learners to engage with language learning through folk songs. Context The project will introduce an understanding of the number, richness and culture of other languages...

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NOPROS [closed]


Seed participates to the LLP project NOPROS, a project aiming at facilitating the access to life long learning and the acquaintance of key and transversal competencies by using the non-profit sector as a tool. NOPROS uses Learning Circles methodology and will develop 5 NOPROS Learning...

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LET’S Enterprise [closed]


LET’S Enterprise is a pioneering project that aims at providing adults with skills they need to deal with the transformations taking place in the economy, especially encouraging those who are not in the labour market to develop their creative potential for personal fulfilment. Context As globalisation continues...

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ABACO – Training in basic accounting [closed]


Over indebtedness and improper finance management are a trouble for many families across Europe, expecially in Southern countries. This the issue at stake with the ABACO project, a new Lifelong Learning program venture for which seed got a grant from the Swiss State Secretariate for...

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SEE A GAME [closed]


SEE A Game is a consortium of European educational organizations committed to foster entrepreneurial attitude in a fun and challenging way. Using a set of board games, students discover the value of competing and collaborating. Relevant aspects of entrepreneurial processes are simulated and entrepreneurial attitudes...

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FAIRstart – Training program for people taking care of abandoned children [closed]

FAIRstart logo 1-large

Offering an effective, easily accessible and useful training program to the people taking care of abandoned children, thus giving all orphanage children a fair start in life. Context Between 10 and 50 children (under the age of 3) of each 10.000 children in Europe grow...

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SEE – Social Enterprising Europe [closed]


SEE (Social Enterprising Europe) is a European project, supported by the LLP Programme/Grundtvig of the European Union. The project started in November 2012 and will last at the end of October 2014. The aim of the project is the development and testing of a shared...

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LPMnage – Learn Play Manage [closed]


LPMnage – Learn Play Manage will develop a social game to be launched on a social network. The aim is to promote competences on a specific professional field (international project management) in an attractive and collaborative environment. LPMnage is a project co-funded by the European...

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FEDRA – Fertility Awareness for Responsible Parenting [closed]


FEDRA aims at improving the quality of fertility awareness and responsible parenting training programs. This means: enhancing the quality of training programs and materials, making fertility awareness training programs more engaging and effective, and finally making the job of fertility awareness trainer more attractive.   Context...

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StartUp_EU: Be a High-Tech Entrepreneur! [closed]


Have you ever tried to be a high tech entrepreneur? Entrepreneurial skills and attitudes are a key for employability and development in Europe. The StartUp_EU project is designed to motivate secondary school students by replicating the excitement and creative innovation of a new start-up company....

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New Integration Methods – Grundtvig Learning Partnership [closed]


The NIM (New Integration Methods) partnership’s scope is to share experiences of integration among the partners and to create new informal learning methodologies based on socialization, culture exchange and the establishment of relationships for promoting integration in our societies. Project Lifetime August 2012 – July...

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Workshop – Web4tourism [closed]


In March 2013, seed will host and manage a workshop entitled: “Boost your tourism initiatives through digital technologies”. Seed believes in the importance of rural and sustainable tourism for the local development. New technologies and online communication are strategic tools to empower local tourism actors....

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Web2Learn – Grundtvig Partnership [closed]


The Web2Learn project’s scope is to familiarise adults (mainly parents but not exclusively) on current web 2.0 learning tools and practices so that to use them for creating better learning experiences for children and themselves and personal development. Project Lifetime August 2012 – July 2014...

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A.L.I.C.E. – Adult Learning for Intergenerational Creative Experiences [closed]

logo alice

A.L.I.C.E. project aims to work with parents, grandparents, volunteers and other adults interested to interact with children through new spaces of edutainment, to train them to the importance of use of creative languages (art, storytelling, social media) to build rich and caring environments for children...

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