ICT / Web

Turning digital technologies and the web into a strategic element in cooperation and development projects or in institutional communication: this is a challenge for many non profit organizations and NGOs.
Seed is your ideal partner for this: with direct experience in intrenational and social fieldwork, seed understads your issues and is able to provide targeted solutions as service provider, web and multimedia developer and consultant for both non profit and profit organizations.


NGOs Websites

ONG Websites

Using Internet, NGOs could obtain a lot of visibility. It helps to introduce themselves: their projects, activities, news. Most of NGOs are formed by volunteers, usually with no advanced technical knowledge. Seed's goal is to give them the possibility to have a beautiful and useful website, with...

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Adottare a distanza – COOPI [closed]


COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale is an humanitarian, non confessional and independent organization that fights against all kinds of poverty to make the world a better place. Founded in 1965 by Vincenzo Barbieri (Italian “father” of international volunteering), COOPI is based in Milan and it has...

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CROP: CRowdfunding Online Platform [closed]


Distance support becomes social! CROP is the first social web platform allowing a ONGs to exploit social networks’ features to find supporters for their activities, like distance support, grants, or financing of development projects. Those who support a project wish to be in touch with...

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sancarlo.org [closed]

Schermata 2012-04-24 a 11.43.08

Fraternità San Carlo is a priestly brotherhood composed by over 150 missionaries. Based in Rome, its members are active in missions all over the world. Description The project was created to share Fraternity’s news and to present cultural and religious ideas to the visitors. From...

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surikokura.org [closed]


The title of the website literally means “Talk of Suri” – or Tales about Suri. Suri is a village in Dolakha District in the middle hills of Nepal – a district that was a focal area for Swiss development assistance from the 1970s until 2010....

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ISFI.ch [closed]

logo IsFI

ISFI, the Institute for Philosophical Studies (former Institute for Applied Philosophy – IsFA) is an Institute of the Department of Theology in Lugano (FTL), which is active in teaching and research. The main goal of the Institute is promoting the philosophical encounter between the classical...

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Water Land and People [closed]


Water Land and People is a multimedia product that disseminates experiences, stories and instruments for water management projects in developing countries. Context Intercooperation, one of the major Swiss NGOs, wanted to create a multimedia product to capitalize its experience in water management projects, drawing on...

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