Training and services

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Seed can be a resource for the human capital development of your organization, both if you are an NGO or a private or public company. Our activities vary from one-day training, to organizational development to the management of special events.

All profits from training and services are used to support development projects. In this page you can find a list of our favourite training topics.
All seed’s training programs are highly customizable according to your specific requests and needs.


Courses for NGOs and entreprises


Seed+ can be a resource for the development of your organization, both if you are an NGO or a private or public company. Until 2014 Associazione seed provided those services, which are now provided by Seed+, cousin of seed dedicated to professional consulting. Here is...

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Professional Master for Employment workers [closed]


Cometa Formazione is a non profit organization based in Como which manages an innovative vocational education school and offers specialization and continuing education programs. In 2007, 2008, 2009, Cometa Formazione ran a professional Master’s program for training prospective staff in social and employment services. Seed...

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Event organization for CSD Engineers’ 40th anniversary [closed]


Organizing the entertainment during the 3 days celebration of CSD Engineers company’s 40th anniversary was something quite new for seed, but at the same time a very successful and funny challenge! Project Lifetime April – September 2010 Activities Seed was asked by CSD’s management to...

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OCST training – Work and communication [closed]


Seed’s commitment to training in communication with external service of OCST (OCST – is going on. It’s about sharpen communicative awareness and improve presentation skills and relationship management with both colleagues and members. The theme is interesting: work, as a fundamental dimension of the person....

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SARD Handbook [closed]


SARD’s the acronym for Systemic Approach to Rural Development, a field handbook that collects the experience of many projects by Intercooperation to the benefit of development projects. Context Intercooperation, one of the major Swiss NGOs, wanted to publish a handbook presenting its method “to put...

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