Digital storytelling for the integration of children with special needs [closed]

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The Digital Storytelling for Development approach was developed by seed for fostering the integration process of children with disabilities. This ambitious project aims at bringing together a meaningful learning activity for children in a primary school, embedding curricular content, with an intense integration process for children with disabilities from a special education school. This is achieved through storytelling and art.

Special education children can experience integration problems, as they are offered limited opportunities to interact with other children. Also, learning to welcome children that are different is important for children in primary schools. This project wants to bring together these two needs within the framework of a curriculum-oriented activity: integration through learning.

Project Lifetime
October 2011-June 2012

The goal of this project is providing an integration experience for two children with special needs from the OTAF foundation and a hosting experience for one class of the Piccolo Principe primary school within the framework of an intergeneration storytelling project.

The project started with planning and with the identification of key integration issues. The first activity was a visit to an old man from a near valley and the collection of local legends. These legends will be retold and represented with clay statues by children in a team production work that will equally engage primary and special education children. The product will be showcased in the primary school as an art installation and will be used to create a film to share this story.


:: Fondazione San Benedetto
:: Fondazione OTAF

The project was co-financed by Fondazione Margherita and Fondazione Daccò.

17’000 CHF

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