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LET’S Enterprise is a pioneering project that aims at providing adults with skills they need to deal with the transformations taking place in the economy, especially encouraging those who are not in the labour market to develop their creative potential for personal fulfilment.

As globalisation continues to confront the European Union with new challenges, each citizen will need a wide range of key competences to adapt flexibly to a rapidly changing and highly interconnected world.
But many adults coming from educationally or linguistically deprived backgrounds have particular difficulties in coping with the elaborated forms of communication/language that characterize most of the educational programs.

Project Lifetime
January 2010 – March 2012

This project aims at removing communication and linguistic barriers that prevent adults from acceding the opportunities for learning critical knowledge to welcoming and promoting changes throughout life.

LET’S partners developed an innovative multimedia training course about sense of initiative & entrepreneurship, collating the best stories told by senior entrepreneurs coming from 9 different countries.
Seed contributed to the project by collecting best practices regarding organisations providing training and support to entrepreneurs in Canton Ticino; by producing 6 video with interviews to local entrepreneurs and by summing the main messages delivered by the interviews in the ebook.

The main output of LET’S project consists of a set of interviews from all over Europe, telling the stories of people who started their own enterprise after having worked for years as employees, several of whom without being particularly educated or skilled. The aim of such videos is mainly motivating and inspiring people who might face the same situation experienced by the interviewees and have the need or willing to become entrepreneurs.
A further product of LET’S project is an e-book conceived as a guide for trainers to be aware of the main characteristics and messages of the video interviews, in order to enable teachers and trainers to integrate such tools into their programmes and activities.

:: E.Ri. Fo. (Italy, coordinator)
:: TJS (Finland)
:: Superact (U.K.)
:: TechNet (Germany)
:: IEBA Centro de iniciativas empresariais e sociais (Portugal)
:: BFE Business Foundation for Education (Bulgaria)
:: T.R. Governorship of Kocaeli (Turkey)
:: OPS (Poland)
:: Seed association (Switzerland)

European Commission