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IMG_6377LPMnage – Learn Play Manage will develop a social game to be launched on a social network. The aim is to promote competences on a specific professional field (international project management) in an attractive and collaborative environment. LPMnage is a project co-funded by the European Commission, under the LLP Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Projects for Development of innovation program.

The percentage of adult population participating in education and training in EU27 remains constant since 2004 (9.3%). In some countries as Italy or Hungary this percentage has decreased (from 6.3 to 6.0% and 4.0 to 2.7% respectively). The data also shows significant differences among EU members (31.6% in Denmark compared to 1.4% in Bulgaria). Some of the mains obstacles for adult learners to participate in education and training are: no time due to family; conflict with work schedule; too expensive or lack of employer support. (Eurostat, Key Figures on Europe – 2011)
ICT-based learning allows to develop personalised training paths according to learner needs in terms of contents (what do you learn) and methods (how and when do you learn the contents). ICTs can make learning easier, more individualised and flexible. These technologies are powerful tools to improve the access to education and training among EU citizens, as well as to the employability and mobility in a modern labour market.
The consortium considers social games can influence positively the access of European workers to lifelong learning experiences, increasing the access rates, and offering innovative and attractive means to develop their competences. Furthermore the project intends to develop innovative training methodologies and materials focused on improving those competences, providing specific tools for it and developing an innovative project likely to be transferred to other professional and learning areas.

Project Lifetime
November 2012 – October 2014

LPMnage project’s general objective is:
:: To develop a social game aimed at promoting project management competences of professional and young workers on international projects.

Specific objectives are:
:: To analyse the pedagogical potentials of the use of games (and specially of social games) for adults learning.
:: To identify success elements of social games for education and training.
:: To define (international) project management competences susceptible to be trained in non-formal and informal environments.
:: To boost an interactive, practical and collaborative apprenticeship methodology.
:: To improve increase professional competences on project management and ICTs use, through play and interaction in social networks.
:: To raise awareness among adults learning practitioners of the benefits of using social games for training.
:: To promote the debate and serve as catalyst for the inclusion of innovative game-based pedagogical approaches among those stakeholders (public and private) operating in the field of adult learning.

In order to ensure an adequate development of the project and the achievement of the objectives described, LPMnage – Learn Play Manage will follow different steps:
:: Analysis of use of game-based learning initiatives.
:: Definition of competences on international projects management, to be trained on informal and non-formal environments (seed will be the leader of this phase).
:: Development of a social game on competences for international projects management and creation of the whole social game-based training course.
:: Validation of the social game among target groups.

Moreover, of course, an evaluation process and dissemination activities will be carried out during the overall project.

:: XXI INVESLAN, S.L. – Coordinator of the project (Spain)
:: Net-Mex Innovation and Training Ltd. (Hungary)
:: Associazione seed (Switzerland)
:: Elliniko Anoikto Panepistimio (Greece)
:: Studio Centro Veneto sas (Italy)
:: Twin Learning LLC (United States – third country partner)

European Commission

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