Make a change: Be a VOLUNTEER! [closed]

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volunteerPromoting volunteering among young people in Macedonia

Through this project seed and the Macedonian association Youth Can will tackle the problem of lack of volunteering among the young people of 
Macedonia. A recent report indicates that 51, 2% of young people have never volunteered
and lack of information regarding volunteering opportunities. We understand this as a loss of opportunity for young people development (also in relation with the high youth unemployment rate in the country) and a loss of opportunity for community development.

Project lifetime
September 2013 – May 2014

The project Make a change: Be a VOLUNTEER! will focus on promoting volunteering among young people in Macedonia as an opportunity for personal, professional and community development. This will be achieved by (a) instilling a commitment for community work among selected participants, (b) preparing and supporting them for volunteering, and (c) making an online platform for volunteering possibilities that will serve as a reference point among young people in Macedonia. The general objective of the project is strengthening community development by having more young people engage in volunteering. This requires empowerment of young people to become active and socially engaged persons through volunteering work.

The project will be implemented in the following phases:
:: The first phase will encompass the selection and recruiting of participants: 30 young persons aged 16-20 years with little or no volunteering experience.
:: The second phase is dedicated to training and empowerment to volunteer for the participants.
:: The third phase will be dedicated to their actual involvement in volunteering work. The project team will contact NGO’s, Institutions and Companies who have open places for volunteers and each of the participants will have the chance to volunteer in the field/area in which he/she likes. This will be accompanied by appropriate counselling and support for reflective practice.
::The fourth stage will include setting up an online space connected with Youth CAN’s website for sharing volunteering opportunities in the region/country, thus directly engaging organizations that offer volunteer work. This kind of space will be made for the first in Macedonia, i.e., it is a unique idea and an added value to the project. The space itself will be run by volunteers.
:: To this, monitoring and evaluation will be added.


Association of citizens Youth Can, Skopje, Macedonia

Youth for Development, Federazione Svizzera delle Associazioni giovanili, Switzerland
Project cofunded by seed