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Seed operates as service provider and consultant for both non profit and profit organizations. Seed can offer:

  • web and multimedia design and development services, including hosting and online & distance learning services
  • the organization of special events
  • a wide palette of customizable training programs, ranging from team building to ICT training

All profits from mandates are used to support development projects.


NGOs Websites

ONG Websites

Using Internet, NGOs could obtain a lot of visibility. It helps to introduce themselves: their projects, activities, news. Most of NGOs are formed by volunteers, usually with no advanced technical knowledge. Seed's goal is to give them the possibility to have a beautiful and useful website, with...

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Courses for NGOs and entreprises


Seed+ can be a resource for the development of your organization, both if you are an NGO or a private or public company. Until 2014 Associazione seed provided those services, which are now provided by Seed+, cousin of seed dedicated to professional consulting. Here is...

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Internet Consultation and Evaluation (ICE) in Ghana [closed]


The idea of ICE is very simple: leveraging on available Internet technologies in order to empower healthcare staff in remote locations. In many regions in Africa and in other developing countries, health services are provided by small clinics, run by nurses, midwives or assistant physicians,...

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Famiglie per l Accoglienza

It is online the new website of Famiglie per l’Accoglienza, an italian NGO. Famiglie per l’Accoglienza is a private association of families who host, either on a temporary or permanent basis, people who need a family. Every human being needs to feel welcomed and loved...

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Adottare a distanza – COOPI [closed]


COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale is an humanitarian, non confessional and independent organization that fights against all kinds of poverty to make the world a better place. Founded in 1965 by Vincenzo Barbieri (Italian “father” of international volunteering), COOPI is based in Milan and it has...

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