Motivation Day and workshop with homeless people in Skopje

Inside the project “Make a change: be a VOLUNTEER!”, our partner Youth Can organized two events last week.
The first event is the Motivation Day, organized on 12th March by volunteers from Youth Can group. More than 130 people and 3 media attended the event with great enthusiasm. They had the chance to hear and enjoy really motivating speeches from 9 successful young people and participated on two interesting workshops. These are the words from our colleagues and frinds from Youth Can who reported us the event: “…But the most rewarding thing of the day were all those happy faces of the participant, the satisfaction in their eyes… all that positive feedback that we received from them and the gratefulness for organizing such an event.”  On the same day a workshop with homeless people was organized with the participation of the local NGO Lice v Lice who works with the homeless people involving them in selling a magazine they write. in addition to homeless people, persons from the daily center for homeless children in Suto Orizari were present as well.
Here are some pictures from the 2 events (more pictures available at: and ):

Our sincere CONGRATULATIONS to Youth Can for their great work!!