New Integration Method Partnership – meeting in Kocaeli (Turkey)

On 16th-17th April 2013 the governorship of Kocaeli, Turkey, hosted the second meeting  for the New Integration Method Partnership. During the meeting each partner could present the results from the national need analysis. Chiara and Letizia from the two Swiss partners presented results of the analysis done in Lugano to investigate immigrants women needs for integration. Moreover each partner could propose an idea for integration activity to be done in its own country. Sharing of ideas and feedback from partners were really interesting and we are now ready to start the testing of a new integration method in Lugano. What will it be? It will be an integration path dealing with some language issues and with some socialization activities. How will we do this? We will organize meetings where local women from Lugano will host in their homes immigrant women willing to get in contact with local people. We will also organize some social activities … we will keep you up to date, just follow our blog 🙂