OCST training 2011: Making movies – part 1

The training program with OCST lead by seed and Well at Work began on Wednesday. The main theme of the next months will be the development of team work competences, and three different kinds of activities will be proposed to OCST personnel, divided into 6 groups.

Those who took part to the first training day were asked to produce a short ad regarding work, and team work in particular. They split into 3 further groups, each of which could dispose of some material to create the scenes of the video: one had a blackboard with chalks, one had coloured modelling clay, and one had Lego bricks and characters. Each team sketched a storyboard, built and took pictures of the scenes and edited a short video with a soundtrack. In order to perform such task, the group members organised themselves in order to take common decisions, define individual roles and make everybody give their own contribution.

After having watched all the ads all together, we discussed about the activities’ meaning with respect to the challanges that the people who work in team constantly meet.

The day was made special also by the lunch, which was cooked by a special catering: two Turkish women who are attending the integration program offered by seed.

The next training sessions will make participants deal witha a choir and a band, and with an activity in the kitchen! Do not miss the next updates!